Saturday, July 28, 2012

Welcome to Ginger's Angora Rabbitry!

Hello, and welcome to my rabbitry! I have been caring for, breeding, and raising Angora Rabbits since 2006. If you stumbled upon this blog it is probably because you are interested in either the purchase or care of English Angora Rabbits, or because you are intrested in Angora wool for spinning.

English Angora Rabbits are bred for their long soft wool, which is very warm, is far softer than cashmere, and comes in a variety of colors. Every three to four months Angoras go through a natural molt, at which time it is very easy to either pluck, shear, or comb out.

This is my rabbitry- the duct tape was for added stability, as my rabbits can be rather active, but my daughter insisted that we use pink.

It is neccesary to keep Angora Rabbits well groomed, as their fur mats  or 'felts' otherwise, and an ungroomed rabbit is more susceptible to a condition known as wool block- a condition that can be deadly if left untreated. A rabbit will digest it's own fur on accident, usually in an attempt to clean its thick coat, and the resulting build up of fur in their intestines is known as wool block, and can cause diahrrea. If your rabbit comes down with wool block you should first groom them, in order to prevent the rabbit from digesting any more fur. Next, take them off of their rabbit pellets and place them on a diet of hay and water for around two days and give them a syringe of mineral oil to loosen the blockage. If they do not improve within the two days it is necessary to call a vetrinarian.

An Angora Rabbit will live approximately five to ten years, depending on enviroment, feed, and various natural causes. While Angora Rabbits are mostly very docile, personalities can vary from rabbit to rabbit, just like in people. Some will be active, while others will be lazy. Some will be very personable, while others can be shy. I've never had a mean or vicious rabbit, although sometimes I think that the tricks that they play can be rather bothersome. Nothing is more frustrating than a rabbit knocking over her waterer, repeatedly, until you pet her and tell her that she is the prettiest in the rabbitry. 

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