Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rabbit and Wool Price List

Rabbit Prices

My rabbits are all high quality, socialized rabbits. However, my rabbits will be sold at diffrent prices depending on whether they have been breed, what age they are when they are sold, and whether or not they are bought with a pedigree. I breed white red-eyed rabbits and black rabbits, so all rabbits listed will be either of those colors. Below are the price ranges for my rabbits, and underneath that is my definition of what qualifies a rabbit for each group. Note that as rabbits in the Wool and Show quality groups are still rather young they shall still need to be held and socialized regularly at your home so as to not destroy their conditioning and make them skitish.

Pet Quality Rabbits- $55
Wool Quality Rabbits- $85
Show Quality Rabbits- $100

*Pet quality- rabbits that are one to three years old, have never been breed, and do not come with pedigree papers
**Wool quality- rabbits that are nine weeks to one year old, and do not come with pedigree papers
***Show quality- rabbits that are nine weeks to one year old, show no faults, have extremely high quality wool, and come with pedigree papers

Wool Prices

My wool is hand plucked from my rabbits every three to four months during their natural molt. It is clean of hay and debri. The lengths of the fibres ranges from three to five and a half inches. The shipping and handling costs for hair shipped to locations in the United States is to be determined at the time of the order, and shall depend on the distance, and if you would rather have it shipped through the United States Postal Service or through Priority Mail.

One Ounce Bags- $8

*I may be able to meet you halfway to deliver a rabbit if you live in the Western New York region

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