Saturday, July 28, 2012

In The Nestbox...and Jumping Out of It

This is what Angora Rabbits look like four hours after they are born. The one on the top is a white red-eyed rabbit, while the one on the bottom is a black rabbit. A face only a mother can love! The cutest part of them at this point is their ears- and the way they nuzzel into your hands.

This is what they look like around one week- they're getting cute but not quiet there yet! They've just begun to develop a nice coat of hair.

Look, he's waving at us!

Just a little older now, their eyes have not yet opened, but they finally have a noticable amount of fur.

Here they are, just going on three weeks old. Their eyes are finally open, and they're eating a little bit of hay, pellets, and water along with the milk they get from their mother.

This boy is from a previous litter, and he is just turning seven weeks old, though this picture was taken when he was six weeks old! Soon his younger friends will begin to look like him, and he will start to look more like his father.....
Who is still growing out his wool from the last time I groomed him!

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